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Crystal de Luxe Resort and Spa, Kemer

Yeni Mah. 501 Sk. No:9 Kemer Antalya Turkey - Map
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Crystal de Luxe Resort and Spa Overview

Crystal de Luxe Resort and Spa is located in the town centre of Kemer, right by the beach, and within walking distance of the local shops, restaurants, bars and nightlife. There is a golf course located roughly 7km away and a bus station within a five minute walk. Antalaya is 56 km away. All rooms are air conditioned and provide an en suite bathroom, hairdryer, radio, mini bar, safe, satellite TV, internet access, and a balcony. Guests can enjoy the swimming pool, with pool side bar and sunbathing terrace, as well as the indoor pool. There is also a games room, TV room and a gym, as well as a Jacuzzi to relax in. Children can enjoy the playground. In the evenings, the hotel restaurant, bar and a disco are available for an enjoyable time at the Crystal de Luxe Resort and Spa.

Crystal de Luxe Resort and Spa Overview

Crystal de Luxe Resort and Spa is located in the town centre of Kemer, right by the beach, and within walking distance of the local shops, restaurants, bars and nightlife. There is a golf course located roughly 7km away and a bus station within a five minute walk. Antalaya is 56 km away. All rooms are air conditioned and provide an en suite bathroom, hairdryer, radio, mini bar, safe, satellite TV, internet access, and a balcony. Guests can enjoy the swimming pool, with pool side bar and sunbathing terrace, as well as the indoor pool. There is also a games room, TV room and a gym, as well as a Jacuzzi to relax in. Children can enjoy the playground. In the evenings, the hotel restaurant, bar and a disco are available for an enjoyable time at the Crystal de Luxe Resort and Spa.

Our customers think this is great for...


Close to the beach


Central location


Family friendly

Hotel facilities

  • Arcade/game room
  • Bar/lounge
  • Children's club
  • Coffee shop or café
  • Fitness facilities
  • Internet access - wireless
  • Restaurant(s) in hotel
  • Shopping on site
  • Snack bar/deli
  • Swimming pool - indoor
  • Swimming pool - outdoor
  • Terrace

Room facilities

  • Balcony
  • Clock radio
  • Hair dryer
  • In-room safe
  • Minibar
  • Satellite television service
  • Shower only Standard and Family rooms

Customer Reviews

7/10 Good Based on 13 Customer Reviews

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8/10 Great

16 September 2017

Not exactly ultra all.

In the concept of ultra-all-inclusive it is included imported whiskey but they broke the dispenser and put Turkish whiskey in the bottles.

The best thing about my stay was...

9/10 Fantastic

12 July 2017

Quality, compact 5-star in perfect beach & town location

Location On the other side of a miniature park from the pebbly beach and within a couple of minutes walk of the central cross roads of Kemer, the hotel's location in Kemer is hard to beat. On the same road but on the opposite side of the Main Street of Kemer there is one of my favourite shops, Sali Pazari, as well as three supermarkets: Carrefour, Migros and Bim. I mention the latter as they can augment a rather austere minibar offering. Busses to Goynuk, Beldibi and Antalya can also be found near the supermarkets. There is a post office just at the crossroads - a recommended place to exchange money. It is also a short walk to the marina served by the water bus service to/from Kaleici (10TL each way, 3 times per day, 45 mins journey time). The location therefore has the benefit of both beach and town on the doorstep. Orientation The hotel building has a U-shaped footprint with the North wing of the U longer than South wing. The main reception and lobby area are in the connecting West side. Aside from the lobby reception area, there are four main public interior spaces. To the right of the reception from the main entrance, there is the bar occupying the whole ground floor of the 'South wing' with an outside terrace popular with smokers. Beneath this is are the doctors, hairdresser, spa, gym, 'vitamin' bar and indoor pool. I managed to get in and out, past the spa reception without being accosted. That is unusual and an extra mark. To the left of reception in the North wing is a corridor with the three indoor a la carte restaurants, only one of which is ever open at a time at the moment, leading to the main buffet restaurant. Beneath these are a games room with billiards, 'air hockey', table football and a few pay-for amusements, a little Turkish coffee area where they had live traditional music one night and the nightclub. In all it is a good set of amenities for the compact size of the hotel. Room My first room, 1254, is tucked right into the corner on the South wing facing North across the balconies of the rooms on the West side. The balcony is set into a terrace of gravel extending around 6 feet beyond it. I had made special requests at the time of booking for a high floor and sunny balcony. All I could see was gravel and across other balconies. Being North-facing, low down and in the corner also made it rather dark. For my second week, I moved to room 1469 which is in the South wing again but this time on the top floor facing South and was therefore a huge improvement. In all other regards, these two rooms were identical. The hotel website quotes the room size at 27 sq m. This is sufficiently spacious without being overly generous. I had double and single beds each with bedside cabinets with single drawers. There is a single easy chair and small table by the patio doors. The rest of the furniture is fitted comprising a cupboard housing the mini bar, dressing table and luggage rack. There is the usual double wardrobe (just 10 hangers) and cupboard with 5 shelves, one of which is occupied by the safe, opposite the shower room. A hotel of this age would have been built with bath tubs so the retro-fitted walk-in shower reflects this in size. The shower floor is slippy. Toiletries comprise: small bar soaps, hair conditioner, body lotion, cotton buds and pad, shower cap, sanitary bag and nail file. There are liquid soap dispensers next to the wash basin and in the shower. There is a extending, wall-mounted, shaving/makeup mirror, hair dryer and the usual telephone in case you feel the need to chat on the loo. The mini bar is supplied with Pepsi, Pepsi light, 'Fruko' lemonade, four small bottles of water and a single very small bottle of sparkling water. Unlike the Crystal Sunrise Queen, there are no beers, chocolate bars, crisps or nuts. Similarly there is no kettle, facilities or supplies to make hot drinks. Slippers are provided but not bathrobes. I have never had one without the other and found this odd. The floor is carpeted. Free wi-fi reception in my room is excellent. There is various signage. One to place on the bed to request a bedding change, another to hang outside for maintenance requests - my first shower head had an incurable droop - another informing me that to change pool towels (provided in the room) between 5 and 7pm daily and finally the room service menu. Again, unlike the Sunrise Queen all items carry extra charge. Examples are: cheese plate 9TL, mushroom omelette 11 TL, grilled steak with vegetables and rice 22TL and beer/raki/glass of wine/whisky all at 9TL. These are all very reasonably-priced and probably set before the Lira weakened of late. Overall the room is well-decorated, comfortable and attractively lit. There is nothing exceptional about it positive or negative. I get the feeling all five star hotel rooms in Turkey are becoming clones. I miss features like a sink in which to slaughter a goat or a window from the bathroom to the sleeping area so that you can see your loved one on the loo. It is certainly a step down from the Crystal Sunrise Queen in terms of the offering but perfectly adequate and on par with most Turkish five-stars. Room advice if you were booking at the Crystal De Luxe, would certainly to be to ask for one of the top two floors (3 & 4), pool-facing in the North wing if you want sunshine or land-facing in the same wing to avoid the sunshine but have views of the mountains. All rooms on the top floor should have partial sea views except those in the West side facing inland. Still, views of the stunning mountains at Kemer may be preferable to a semi-distant sea view. Food & Beverage I will spare the full forensic approach and just report that the buffet food was the usual excellent Turkish five-star experience. Nothing stood out exceptionally either way from other Turkish five stars. Service at the buffet restaurant is efficient, generally being greeted at the table within a few seconds of arriving with places reset and drinks orders taken and delivered promptly. There is a live cooking station for every meal. This is meat or fish except at breakfast when it is (always) omelettes and pancakes. Whenever the offering here is special, I found a long line of hungry people queuing that I did not have the patience to join. Aside from meat and fish, there is a huge variety: two different soups everyday, salads and salad ingredients, cold veg dishes, hot veg dishes, at least half a dozen different types of cheese, breads, pastas, and always chips and mashed potatoes. There is a spice section and a dessert bar I have not even looked at. Labelling is not great. Only a minority of things are labelled and the labels are not always that informative. If you need reading glasses take them to the buffet just so you can study the food to make your choices. There is no shortage of variety but I discovered the best selection was only available early on as the specials not replenished. If you prefer not to eat with the vultures the pickings will be correspondingly thinner. Fresh orange juice without charge - a mark of the Crystal Group - is available at breakfast but it could not have been harder to find (far left corner as you walk in, beyond the last coffee machine). The buffet restaurant lighting is better than average with down lights only used on the main traffic routes through the restaurant with the remainder of the lighting being provided by more atmospheric wall-lights. There is a range of textures from old brick, through tiles and wood which also add to the ambience. There is a massive selection and the presentation is very good. Anyone who complains about the lack of variety is probably choosing to eat the same thing each meal. Overall, the buffet experience is hard to fault. I was disappointed at the only a la carte restaurant I tried - Mexican. There had clearly been a lot of trouble taken with the decoration and ambience, it was truly a beautiful place to sit with atmospheric lighting and appropriate background music at the right level but the food was below par and the service impossibly slow. I walked out after waiting almost an hour for my main course. There were only around ten people in at the time. The bars have a limited range of drinks included: passable house wines, beer (no dark), vodka, gin, brandy and soft drinks. Rum, whisky and anything imported are extra. There is some at-table service in the bars but the beneficiaries appear mostly to be German guests who tip per service or groups of Turkish men. Turkish men also took priority at the bars on numerous occasions when it was blatantly obvious other people were in front of them. Their habit of shouting out their order and the bar staff slavishly deferring to them needs attention. Queuing is a British institution and such rule breaches are intolerable to us. The snack bar is currently at the pool bar and this was my favourite place to relax and socialise during the day. Food-wise between 11:30 and 4pm there was (vegetarian) pizza, chips, doner meat, rice, borek, fried mixed veg, salads, breads and that was about it. Sadly, this was replaced during my stay by a fixed menu to order and this had few takers. I was told there is 24hr soup in the buffet but I never visited outside the published midnight snack hours of 11:30-12:30. No review of mine would be complete without mentioning cutlery. First, it goes as read that there are no soup spoons. I have only every encountered one Turkish hotel with soup spoons (Concorde) and even there they were like gold dust. The usual dessert spoons are provided instead. Secondly the table knives are an odd contemporary design in which the (solid) handle is twisted 90 degrees to the blade. They are odd to hold and put down on the table or plate, they have a tendency to rotate blade-up or blade-down. I have a feeling that if I eventually mastered these knives I will no longer be able to use more conventional ones. There were little details too such as putting inappropriately-sized spoons with various foodstuffs. Entertainment There are the same animation-organised daily events as you would find in any hotel on this coast: gym, boccia, darts, and the DJ at night. This lack of originality irks. The night club is dark, loud and furnished reminiscent of a 1970 youth club. At least it has a bar. There was sporadic live music - mostly laid on for Turkish conference guests during my stay who were themselves lively and entertaining. Otherwise the nightclub is the domain of the DJ with the usual DJ personality issues - self-love and ignorance of any music other than what they consider cool. It is rather like being told by a self-styled wine connoisseur to like vinegar. I rarely stayed for more than a drink in the nightclub when the DJ was active. I came across a new phenomenon - a depressed animator. I am so used to members of the animation team being manic, hyper and in-my-face. It was startling to come across one who is quiet, polite, speaks excellent English and is missing Marmaris terribly. He even looks sad from a distance. He confessed that his German is not so good and perhaps explains why he was so keen to speak to me - one of few native English speakers in the hotel at the time. He ran the boccia and was a picture of utter deflation ever to be on the losing side. Thank you Cemil, your personal woes always made me feel happy in comparison. I always avoid the shows put on by the animation team because each one makes me a little older. So I offer no comment there. Summary This is a good quality Turkish five-star hotel in an unbeatable beach/town location in Kemer. It is compact but still has the full range of expected amenities. It is unfortunate that I had an appalling check-in experience. For the price I paid, £123 for two weeks, I would be crazy to have any complaints. The above comments are intended to place this hotel in the context of others I have stayed at especially for those who may be paying rather more. I mentioned the company at the start. As this is necessarily a subjective review, I will say a big hello and massive heartfelt thanks to fellow guests Kam, Natalie, Emil, Christophe and Sergei. I love life-changing company and they were. They were the best of times....

The best thing about my stay was...

Location & quality
10/10 Amazing

26 February 2017

Good service and close to the beach

Here you get a lot for your money. The hotel is located close to the beach and 15 min walk to the harbor. Lots of opportunities for shopping. The food varies greatly from day to day. The best thing about the hotel is the lobby bar. Many drinks to choose from and no waiting. Waiters come around to the tables with drinks. lovely indoor pool. The hotel can be recommended to all.

The best thing about my stay was...

The service in the lobbybar
1/10 Okay

29 December 2016

Dissapointment of 5 star hotel which at best was only 2 star

Lack of both staff and promised ameneties made the stay very dissapointing. Hotel full but only 1 bar open with 1 staff serving meant lenghty queues. Games rooms were closed. A LA Carte restaurants appeared closed ( although on the last day we were informed if there was a booking for 10 or more they would have opened) . There was just a general attitude of we daont care.

The best thing about my stay was...

Room was nice, clean and well seved by domestic staff.
6/10 Good

28 December 2016

Christmas Visit

Our second visit to this Hotel - unfortunately not as good as our first one. There was NO 10pin bowling, No Snooker due to 'Technical Reasons' !!??!! No Entertainment in the Bar Lounge other than a Pianist on 1 evening. The BAR was understaffed - with 30 minute waiting on numerous occasions ! The Ala Carte meal in the Italian Restaurant was spoilt by the terrible quality of the Steak. Generally there was plenty to choose from at normal meal times in the Dining room, but many dishes were barely Warm ! On this performance we wouldn't rate it more than a 3 star, and would have to think very hard before returning, which is a shame as we enjoyed our first visit very much. Come On Crystal - Get it Together !!!!!!

The best thing about my stay was...

Nice Rooms - Pleasant Staff - Close to Town & Beach
6/10 Good

16 July 2016

Good, but could be better.

Nice hotel let down. Not enough staff to serve at the bars, expect long queues sometimes. Lobby bar closes at 23:00, not a minute later! and they turn the lights off. No 24hr bar. Find the cutlery competition in the restaurant, spoons hide and seek. Disco allows late drinking, but not all couples are at the age or want to dance the night away with young singles, keep the lobby bar open! Food at Snack bar near pool gets repetitive. Not enough waiters in al a Carte restaurants. - 1 glass of wine offered in 2hrs . Not enough waiters in restaurants or al a Carte restaurants. (1 glass of wine offered in 2hrs). Not many British, if that bothers you. Not 5 Star, more like a 3+ Star, but could be easily much better. All boils down to better service, not the facility.

The best thing about my stay was...

10/10 Amazing

29 May 2016

Nice hotel and nice staff

I stayed one week with the family from 20 May . It was very enjoyable . Nice location and staff . Special thanks to guest relation manager who was very helpful . Recreation team are doing great job daily to entertain all the family . I was in the hotel two years back and would like to come again

The best thing about my stay was...

Staff ,location and food
6/10 Good

19 July 2015

not as good as expected.

Before choosing this hotel, I read several good reviews about it. But I think that those reviews do not reflect the reality and are misleading. The main problem with it is that some of the stuff are rude and the rest is borderline rude. It was very obvious that they were not happy working for the hotel and for serving the customers. The quality of food is ok but not great...I would not go this hotel again and would not recommend it to a friend.

The best thing about my stay was...

8/10 Great

28 December 2014

All Inclusive Xmas visit with friends

Nice Room well equipped although a Kettle would have been nice! Good choice of Food & Drink - good leisure facilities although nightime entertainment was a bit of a let down. Staff very friendly and helpful in all areas. Very clean. Good Location.

The best thing about my stay was...

Food & Drink - Friendliness of Staff - Cleanliness - Location
8/10 Great

10 September 2014

Good Value !

Hotel was clean and food were excellent , most of the staff were friendly but some were very not helpful at all .

The best thing about my stay was...

10/10 Amazing

21 July 2014


Stayed for a week in June with a group of girlfriends, we are a mixed bunch some like to stay out all night, others a few drinks & then chill out - it catered for us all perfectly. The 24 hour all inclusive was an added bonus, but there were also nightclubs a short distance away. The entertainment staff were fantastic, in fact all the staff were great. Food choice was plentiful. Would definitely revisit with friends or family.

The best thing about my stay was...

24 hours all inclusive
10/10 Amazing

03 July 2014

Hotel in general

Very nice location , nice staff ,service and food

The best thing about my stay was...

All inclusive option
10/10 Amazing

19 November 2011

very good holiday

It s a nice hotel!!and very good position

The best thing about my stay was...

best position

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