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Phuket is approximately the same size as Singapore and is the largest of Thailand’s islands. The island has a population of around 300,000 as standard but at peak seasons the population is thought to reach around 500,000 due to the extreme popularity Phuket has achieved with tourists. Tourism is in fact, Phuket’s major industry, dominating the island’s economy. The island is dominated by two religions, while the majority of the island is Buddhist; around 35% of the population are also Muslim, which provides a diverse and multi-cultural religious society.
Though Phuket does attract visitors all year round the best time to visit the island is between November and April as this falls into the country’s dry season. The hottest time to visit is between April and May when temperatures fluctuate up to the highs of 80F to 95F, the best time to visit however is considered to be between November and March where temperatures are slightly less humid and there is a bit of a breeze about.
Though you can get just about anything to eat in Phuket there is a great range of local cuisine on offer which really shouldn’t be missed. The fact that many of the resorts in Phuket are coastal ensures a great range of interesting and delicious seafood is on offer. Tasting the famous dish of Tom Yam Goong really shouldn’t be missed, a mix of jumbo shrimps, lemon grass and shallots amongst other ingredients. You can of course pick up some of the dishes we are used to from our local takeaway like Thai green curry but they are often more spicy and fragrant than what you would expect back home.
Unmissable Experiences
For something completely breath-taking why not take a trip to Khao Sok national park. The park is easily reached from all the major destinations and offers a truly unforgettable experience. Guests can venture into the stunning Thai rainforest either by elephant or foot (I recommend elephant) and will get the opportunity to see a range of local inhabitants including tigers, leopards, tree frogs and a range of snakes. The day trip is ideal for children who will love getting close to the animals. Unlike many attractions in Thailand the resort is also ecologically minded and it really is a good place to spend your money as the eco-tourism brought in goes back in to protecting the plants and wildlife protecting in the area.
Events and Festivals
Phuket has an abundance of festivals and events going on throughout the year. Early April is when the Thai New Year is celebrated in Phuket and the festival is called Songkran, the festival of Songkran is celebrated with a mass water fight so if visiting at that point prepare to get drenched! In August the Por Tor Festival is celebrated which is when the Thai believe dead spirits are released into the underworld. Finally the Vegetarian festival is celebrated in late September early October. Don’t let the name fool you this festival certainly isn’t for the faint hearted or weak stomach. During the period of the festival participants go on a strict vegan diet and then parade through the streets publicly displaying tests of devotion which include the piercing of cheeks and tongues, walking on hot coals and climbing up knife edged ladders.



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